We strive for electronics to be used for a while longer before entering their waste stream. ​We may  SELL some electronic components at affordable prices.  

                       ​ CEWID : 115124  EPA ID # CAR000239699  DTSC Facility ID # 28943  

Business License # 143005



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We're State Certified E-WASTE collectors.We guarantee  a proper and environmentally safe recycling process for all unsalvageable items . ALL CRT items will be  processed by   a certified recycler in the state of California.  

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We work with our community to keep electronics & any other reusable item(s)  out of our landfills, water and air. If you or  your business is moving or simply needs to free useful space or downsize storage rooms by getting rid of e-waste or junk   please contact us!

8AM - 4:30PM Mon-Sat  +1.951-729-5928

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In accordance with CalRecycle Electronic Waste Recycling Act of 2003    "Unwanted electronic devices should be reused or recycled. Computers, monitors, televisions and other electronic equipment should NOT be disposed of with regular garbage; in fact, this is illegal in California. Functioning electronics can be sold or donated thereby prolonging their useful life. Nonfunctioning electronics that cannot be repaired should be recycled by an organization qualified to do so. "          

12155 Magnolia Ave # 4H Riverside CA 92503